Who we are

Curious Ear is a collective that was formed to bring people together.

In a society that is so often marked by divisions, we aim to create bridges, creating spaces for people to be heard, to listen and connect. The more we communicate, the more we understand and less we fear.

Curious Ear is by a group of Portland locals seeking better understanding of one another.

  • Travis Abels


    Travis Abels

    Travis Abels, Curious Ear’s artistic director, oversees the creative development of the project. In his work as film editor, writer and artist--as well as co-creator of multisensory storytelling experience “Or Something Like That,” which launched in Portland last year--Travis uses the power of story to build compassion and break down barriers that divide us.

  • Dimitrii Pokrovskii


    Dimitrii Pokrovskii

    Dimitri Pokrovskii, creative technologist, leads the development of our interactive software applications. See his other work here.

  • Jason Swetzoff

    UX / Front-End Dev

    Jason Swetzoff

    Jason Swetzoff is fascinated by technology that’s built around--and helps build upon--empathy for the end user. An avid outdoorsman and active member of the improv community, Jason seeks to restore the childlike wonder we all possess, so we can see more opportunities to explore, co-create and connect. He leads Curious Ear’s user experience and front-end development.

  • Keenan Wells

    Mobile app Developer

    Keenan Wells

    Keenan Wells, mobile app developer, is insatiably curious about the world and how to create opportunities for the underserved. His work as a special educator and volunteer led him to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Kenya, culminating in finding and funding schooling for the deaf.

  • Jocelyn Brady


    Jocelyn Brady

    Jocelyn Brady blends her creative chops with business management skills to lead Curious Ear’s content development and project coordination. Her obsession with story--and passion for uplifting people through language--transpires in her work as brand voice consultant and co-host of Party Time, a local storytelling and comedy show.

  • Matt Borowiec

    Software Engineer

    Matt Borowiec

    Matt Borowiec is Curious Ear’s software engineer, focused on backend application development. A natural introvert with the desire to inspire connection, Matt divides his time between backcountry hiking, cross-state motorcycling and spending most of his Saturdays helping kids learn code so they can use their skills … for good.

  • Marc Girouard

    Graphic Design / Animation

    Marc Girouard

    Marc Girouard, animator and designer, heads up Curious Ear’s graphic design and application animation. As a board member of Flight 64 (a non-profit cooperative print space), coordinator of a local artist collective, and collaborator on projects such as “Or Something Like That,” Marc seeks to bring people together in celebration of the arts--and the artist living within all of us.